Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ohio- Scholarships -A helping hand

“Ohio”- capital “Columbus,” 7th highly  populated state of United States. This place is industrialized in the north, while has an agrarian economy in the south, i.e. single place , a fine mixture of  two different cultures, hence economies,  giving a boom to its economic system. This means, this state of Ohio offers multitude desirable scholarships to its aspiring and worthy students, in its various degree programs.

Nowadays, under graduate courses are highly complemented by post graduate courses, and the Ohio state admits this need of hour. Recognizing the high expenditure accompanied by the post graduate courses the,  state of Ohio ,has introduced the Regents Graduate/ Professional fellowship program. To qualify this program, the applicant must have a graduates degree along with high GPA to complement it. It provides a scholarship worth $3000, but is not available every year.

 Its not only the government of this state, but, also private scholarships are being provided to Ohio students. An applicant desirable for media as his career opts for David S. Sta shower scholarship. These kind of scholarships have different requirements. Good grades being an essential credential, along with this, it requires, two letters of recommendation, an essay, art portfolio, writing samples for the scholarship. On acquiring the desired scholarship, the scholar will be provided with $2000 to the school of his choice.
If a candidate is interested in journalism,  Ohio minority scholarship is available for him. This scholarship is for non-whites and underprivileged people, residents of Ohio. Requirements for this scholarship are, writing clips.

Other than these scholarships, the state of Ohio advances more scholarships as well. These scholarships are carried out by the board of regents, in collaboration with outside companies or private club/organizations. The American legion scholarship-Ohio is a scholarship worth $2000 to $3000 offered to the legion members. This scholarship is offered at the undergraduate level. Another scholarship Big 33 scholarship foundation, worth $500 to $1500  is offered to 150-200 undergraduates every year.

Ohio is also associated with Robert C Byrd Hon ours program. Any student graduating in top 5% in his school is considered for this scholarship. Other requirements are, GPA of 3.5, SAT, GED, ACT score. This scholarship is worth $1500, offered to the worthy lot.

 All this is just fabulous, Ohio so much into helping its students. But unfortunately this was the place most badly hit in the recession 2008. There are chances, amount of the scholarships might lower down, but will be still there. “Fingers crossed.”

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