Monday, 29 April 2013

What are the various scholarships for the Hispanic women?

The Hispanic population is the largest minority population in the US, overcoming the African-American population. Based on the 2006 census the Hispanic population constitutes 15% of the entire US population, around 100 million Hispanic-Americans in the US. The Hispanics with such a major part of the population play an important role in the labor, but despite this fact they end up earning too low wages. The jobs done by these Hispanics are not usually providing suffice income, the money barely provides them with the daily essentials. Moreover being non citizens they are deprived of getting all the benefits.

The most suffered among the Hispanics are the women. They have to pass various obstacles while creating a comfort zone for their families in the immigrant land. This is due to scarce sources of income and financial crisis. Most of them lack college education and hence stand no chance of attaining a good income job. This loop hole in itself proves to be the solution, as opting for college education will help in attaining a good job in future. It is always a better idea to opt for specialized fields as very few among the minorities are there.
The sad plight of the Hispanic-Americans has attracted various public and private offices towards sponsoring various scholarships for the Hispanics. Hispanic scholarships for women are more in vogue. Now undergraduate as well as graduate scholarships both are being provided, hence making higher education possible for the Hispanics.
Various institutions are functioning within the US, which reward Hispanic women with varied scholarships. Below are listed the famous and most relied institutions providing the Hispanic women with varied scholarships. These institutions support the Hispanic women both morally as well as financially.
The institutions are:
Stanford Society of Chicago: This institution believes in rewarding scholarships to the whole Hispanic population irrespective of being men or women. However this institution supports women to get into fields which tend to be more male dominated.
 The Hispanic Heritage Centro: this institution again is towards supporting both Hispanic men and women financially. Besides it, this institution lends a helping hand to the graduates for attaining white collar jobs.
The Hispanic Women’s Corporation:  This organization is entirely based towards helping the Hispanic women. As its name clearly suggests that it has a motto of empowering the women, and improving their condition in the society. This institution is more into protecting the rights of women. There are scholarships exclusively for the Hispanic women. 50 scholarships annually are provided by this organization. Scholarships worth $300 to $10,000 are rewarded every year.
The Rising Farm Worker Dream Work:  This is a scholarship mainly towards funding the Hispanic children. The price money awarded is around $2,500 and $3,000. This organization is also towards helping the undergraduate and helping them to get easy access to the jobs.
Hispanic Scholarship Fund: this scholarship is for funding all the students. It ranges from $1000 to $10,000.

Scholarships for Hispanic women are a great help to the minorities as well as the society. These scholarships shall be fully taken advantage of and not let go waste.

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