Friday, 26 April 2013

Illinois should go for a merit scholarships.

Illinois, Midwest United states like Ohio is a combo of industrialization in the north and agrarian system in the south. Within Illinois a varied range of universities are encountered. The scholarships provided here act as a mirror of this varied range.

 Before starting the application process the applicant must look  into all the details. The Illinois native should always go for a recognized merit scholarship. Merit scholarship is a merit award. It is granted automatically to all those  Illinois high school graduates who have gained more than the total average 3.0. also granted to students who have gained an equal score in SAT, ACT, or GED. There is also a provision of awarding $1000 to the deserving in-state school, the army’s, navy’s and other armed force academies.
Besides these a very interesting scholarship is awarded in Illinois. It is named as the Illinois general assembly legislative award. This scholarship does not demand high grades or good citizenship. Its awarded to one among those two who are considered by ones voting district state councilman. The one chosen gets his whole tuition sponsored by the state
The city of Chicago being the third largest city in the United States. This city is providing the high school graduates with special scholarships.  Scholarships provided by colleges are worth an amount of $5000 for a period of five years. The conditions are, an essay, hard copy of grades, letter of recommendation. The applicant must be a high school junior.

A contest Lincoln land legends is a essay writing competition. All those interested, should take part, submit their respective articles to the organization  judging committee the 19 best essays are screened, and the deserving candidates are awarded $1000 each. Eligibility criteria of the contestants is, they should be high school juniors or seniors and should be the important invitee of the carnival held.

The American legion and the boy scouts have amalgamated together for conducting a contest of their own. Other than the basic qualification of having high grades, the contestant has to write a 500 word essay, regarding legion, boy scouts, Americanism. Moreover, the future plans of the contestant must be applying for a journalism degree. According to the caliber of the essay, two rankings are given. The first is awarded with an amount of $700 while the second rank with an amount of $200.

Illinois also provides with its Robert C Byrd honors program. The eligibility criteria being top grade in high school or good SAT/ACT score. The deserving applicant will receive an award worth $1500 in any school within United States. However, the Illinois scholarships cannot be used in a military academy.

Illinois is a place providing scholarships to all the worthy candidates. It has all the opportunities for every aspiring student to move ahead in his/her field of career. But most of the scholarships awarded are not based on a degree tract. Undoubtedly, in Illinois helps the students in every field. The state is quite charitable and bountiful regarding grants, scholarships, but however doing online research regarding the scholarships, latest developments in it, will definitely help.

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