Monday, 22 April 2013

What are the various opportunities for single mothers via the means of scholarships?

Single mothers are the most burdened ones. Along with themselves they have to earn the living of their children all alone. They are the single bread earners in the house. Always the thought of earning for her household wanders on her mind. She has to guard her children and herself. Such tough environment around barely leaves her with time and money to opt for college education. Various colleges have started providing grants to the needy single mothers for a better future and an above average living which could be earned by proper and better education.

Various private organisations have taken an enthusiastic initiative to encourage the struggling single mothers to opt for college education. Organisations like E Learners have played an important role in helping the single mothers. Their work has been always towards the betterment and lift up of the single mothers. E Learners along with the collaboration of several private universities has put forward the online studies for the single mothers. Single mothers prefer online studies rather than attending colleges as it is within the comfort zone of their house, where they are required the most.  Moreover these online studies offer same credential as do the private universities. The universities providing full support to the online learning are:

American Intercontinental University
Ash worth University
Derry University
Ash worth College
Walden University and many more.

E Learners have initiated a campaign namely “Project Working Mom” the motto of which is to spread awareness among the people regarding the education of single mothers.

Other than E Learners several other organisation are providing their support towards educating single mothers. One among them is “Raise the Nation.” This organisation is women oriented subjected towards the betterment of single mothers via education and helps them in this by offering scholarships. 

Other helpful organisations have been listed below:

Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship: this is focused towards helping the victims of domestic violence.
Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship: this is for helping the single mothers in Arkansas.

Optimistic Women’s opportunity awards: this scholarship is for deserving 3 women worth $10,000. These are the ones in desperate need of help.
Ford Opportunity Program: this is totally need based scholarship. More the needy one is the more sympathetic this organisation gets. It provides for 52 Oregon single mothers.

The Jeanette ranking Foundation Scholarship:  this organisation grants scholarships to single mothers above the age of 35 years.

R. O. S .E: scholarships are for the domestic violence victims who have turned into single mothers now.
Patsy Takeout Mint Education Foundation Scholarship Program: this is aimed towards providing scholarships to low income house based single mothers.

These scholarships are specially designed for the lift up of the single mothers. So via this article it is a request to all the single mothers to step forward and avail this opportunity.

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